Wastewater from certain sectors of the pharmaceutical industry often requires advanced treatment processes, and although biological processes are the most cost-effective, they are not always suitable.

Wastewater from the pharmaceutical industry is characterized by:

  • Organic compounds and active pharmaceutical substances (APIs).
  • High levels of Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD).
  • Toxic substances that are non-biodegradable and inhibitory.
  • Heavy metals, cyanide compounds, hydrocarbons, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), and surfactants.


gestion residuos industria farmaceutica


The pharmaceutical industry generates a significant amount of wastewater, and improper treatment of these effluents could lead to significant health sector issues.

ZEWATECH vacuum evaporators achieve both economic and environmental objectives. The wastewater treatment it provides produces high-quality distillate that can be returned to the production cycle for recycling, while the residual concentrate is treated externally. This approach ensures effective treatment and minimizes the environmental impact of pharmaceutical wastewater.


esquema evaporador vt-bc para la gestion de residuos

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