ZEWATECH crystallisation equipment concentrates any solution to total dehydration up to total dryness levels.   Crystallisation systems are normally used as the final stage of concentration after a traditional VT concentration system.

By-product recovery. Crystallising equipment allows the concentration of various pharmaceutical, food or other industrial products in which the aim is to eliminate the water present in the product.

They also allow the recovery of the solid elements present in the solution, which in some cases can be of great economic value.


ZEWATECH has developed different CRYSTALLISATION technologies such as the following equipment:

A) DRY equipment that concentrates the residue and its extraction is manual (in Bach), 

B) VTR equipment with internal scraper and bottom extraction by guillotine valve (at Bach), or

C) DECAL continuous crystallisation equipment (continuous salt production) which has a sophisticated system for recirculating and concentrating the salt solutions, maintaining their solubility inside the boiler and continuously separating the microcrystals generated in the concentration process by means of a centrifuge system.

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