Easy control and y high quality


Defining the vacuum evaporation process without reference to the easy control that these systems provide and the maximum quality they provide is not possible.

One of the most important benefits of vacuum evaporator processes is that they are completely autonomous processes, Consequently, they do not need staff in charge and their operation is defined as 24 hours/day without operators.

This feature also has a direct impact on the economic cost of installing these devices and on their effectiveness.


Finally, every industry wants its products to reach the definitions of perfection, with the ZEWATECH equipment, the water that is distilled unlike other technologies has impeccable characteristics and the properties are ideal for reusing this water once treated and managed the waste once caused.

On the other hand, we have the best available technologies to ensure and provide the best result, the formation of deposits is a decisive cause of the reduction of the efficiency of the vacuum distillation system. Electricity consumption increases and the achievable concentration decreases. The self-cleaning heat exchanger prevents the formation of these tanks from the start.

Therefore, to carry out a mechanical self-cleaning of the system during its operation, causes that no stops must be made to clean and/or to carry out a maintenance, causing both economic and temporary losses.

possible configurations

Simple/Doble/Triple efecto
Bomba de calor/Vapor/agua caliente/aceite térmico
Torre refrigeración/rascador interno/Extracción y limpieza automática

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Evaporadores para la depuración del agua.



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