The heat exchangers of a vacuum evaporation system are responsible for guaranteeing a correct thermal balance, the purpose of which is to improve the efficiency of the installation. A bad dimensioning of the heat exchangers and their working parameters can lead to a bad functioning of the plant, increase the levels of incrustation and fouling and shorten the useful life of the elements of the installation.

There are 4 types of fouling in heat exchangers: biological fouling, chemical fouling, precipitation fouling, deposit fouling and corrosion fouling.

These incrustations generate energy consumption losses as indicated in the following table:

Inlay layer thickness (in) Increased energy consumption (%)
1/32 8,5
1/16 12,4
1/8 25
1/4 40


The morphology of the heat exchangers designed by ZEWATECH guarantees an increase in the convection coefficients of the fluids circulating inside them, which translates into better heat exchange, while preventing the evaporation process from taking place inside them, eliminating the possibility of creating incrustations.

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