Serie BC-S

The BC-S model is optimal for maximum condensate flow with reduced operating and investment costs.

It is equipped with a heat pump system together with an internal coil and its purpose is to treat process water without any material that can be embedded in the surface of the kettle because of its shape.

It is ideal for treating emulsions formed by water and oil in concentrations below 20%, as well as water of functions or services and industrial degreasing processes such as cleaning of parts.

The evaporator does not require operators or controllers as it is fully automatic and is equipped with different configurations that can be modified according to the characteristics and parameters that define the water to be treated or depending on the needs of the company.

All evaporators have been created to operate continuously 24 hours a day, with minimal supervision, with needs only related to electrical energy and compressed air.

Its functionality is due to the stability of a residual pressure in the evaporation chamber in conditions of impelled vacuum, to recover a considerable part of the thermal energy produced by the heat pump.

The boiling of the water is carried out at approximately 40ºC, specification that directly affects the reduction of the phenomena that can limit the operation of the installation as could be the incrustations, soiling, corrosion, and evaporation of unwanted substances…

Specifically this model, can produce every hour between 20 and 250L, is characterized by the drastic reduction of the volumes and costs of disposal as well as the reuse of the recovered water and the recovery of the material.

  • Extracción automática
  • Simple / Doble / Triple efecto
  • Limpieza automática
  • Rascador interno
  • Aceite térmico / vapor agua
  • Torre refrigeración
  • Caldera vertical vs horizontal
  • Sistema automático de control y dosificación de antiespumante
  • Chasis mas alto para descarga residuos
  • Otras alimentaciones eléctricas disponibles
  • Proyectos especiales

Evaporadores para la depuración del agua.



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