The ZEWATECH series of steam mechanical compression distillers is based on the evaporation of a boiling liquid at a temperature of approximately 40ºC and the subsequent increase in vapor temperature from the mechanical action of a vacuum cleaner or compressor.

The specific capacity produced in one hour per apparatus is between 50 and 300L/h

The compressed vapor is pushed into a chamber with a lower temperature, and as a consequence, this condenses.Because of that, it yields its evaporative heat to the liquid contained in the condenser and the liquid evaporates in a quantity corresponding to the weight of the condenser vapor.

So it is the operation of the distiller, with the help of a motorized pump, the condenser heat could be transferred directly to the users or it could be transferred out of the tube by a heat exchanger to give a large part of residual calories to the power supply water entering the tubes of the current meters.

The output of hot or cold distilled water is always verified by a range screen that allows continuous visual control of the flow and daily production.

The process allows a complete recovery of latent heat and provides water with a high level of chemical and biological purity.

It is equipped with a forced circulation, an external exchanger as well as a self cleaning system.

As shown below, depending on the production of liters versus hours you can choose the most suitable and specific model for the needs of each company.

  • Extracción automática
  • Simple / Doble / Triple efecto
  • Limpieza automática
  • Rascador interno
  • Aceite térmico / vapor agua
  • Torre refrigeración
  • Caldera vertical vs horizontal
  • Sistema automático de control y dosificación de antiespumante
  • Chasis mas alto para descarga residuos
  • Otras alimentaciones eléctricas disponibles
  • Proyectos especiales

Evaporadores para la depuración del agua.



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