Recuperación de materia prima


In every industry, priority is given to the economic as well as the sustainable factor, in some cases for the elaboration process it uses water to clean or for mixing.

ZEWATECH  SEPARATES water from product 

Recovering the raw material used in any process satisfies these two factors because, if it is recovered and consequently this raw material is reused, the primary resources used decrease as well as the amount of waste obtained.

On the other hand, it involves less labor in the processes, decreasing pollutants that do not affect ecosystems, decreasing energy demand to be able to produce a product.

Due to its great interest in different sectors, this process is of vital importance for processes in industries such as food and beverages, cosmetics, pharmacy and perfumery.

Finally, it is also feasible in terms of minimizing resources.

This raw material can be obtained in different ways such as:

–  Dehydrated and/or concentrated.
–  preparation of extract and/or essences.
–  GENERate dust or crystals.

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