coal, gas, and nuclear


The activities within the mining sector encompass the extraction of oil and gas, as well as the exploitation of metallic and non-metallic minerals in mines, quarries, and material banks. They also involve well operations and the beneficiation of minerals.

Wastewater from the mining, gas, and oil industry is characterized by having:

  • Dissolved metals, acids, chemicals, hypersalinity, radioactive elements, and other contaminants.
  • Drilling fluids, brines, connate waters, refinery sour waters, mining concentration, and mining gas scrubber waters.
  • High levels of Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD).
  • High conductivity.
evaporador vt-bc para la gestion de residuos



In mines and mineral deposits, vacuum evaporators optimize the treatment of effluents from extraction processes, wastewater from basins and tin mills, oily emulsions, smoke reduction through water, and ion exchange regeneration.

ZEWATECH enables effective wastewater treatment and substance recovery, reducing waste disposal costs, and producing high-quality distillate that can be reintroduced into the production cycle.



esquema evaporador vt-bc para la gestion de residuos

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