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Water is perhaps the most important raw material in cosmetics and perfumery, it is the fundamental and most used excipient due to its solvent power and that it is totally compatible with the skin.

It is present in most of them and in many of them it is also the ingredient with the highest percentage.

What mainly characterises this sector is its great deployment and variety in terms of the products that are produced. As a consequence, large quantities of water are generated from the cleaning of reactors and materials used in this sector.



Wastewater from the cosmetics industry is characterised by high levels of suspended solids, COD, fats, oils, grease and detergents. Although this type of water has traditionally been treated by conventional treatments, the increasingly strict regulations for the discharge of industrial effluents make it necessary to apply new technologies for the efficient treatment of this type of effluent.

In recent years, different technologies have been tested, both physical (adsorption with activated carbon or ultrafiltration), chemical (advanced oxidation processes) and biological.


The ZEWATECH system makes it possible to concentrate all the colloidal matter and produce clean water which generally carries some contamination caused by alcohols or flavourings used in cosmetics but which are eliminated with a subsequent aeration treatment.

These industrial wastes are contaminated with their own product and sometimes carry quantities of surfactants, making it necessary to add defoamers.

Another application of our technology, as well as affecting this sector, can be to obtain products with a precise composition and quality, such as extracts, essences and fragrance concentrations.





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