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Evaporators are devices used to remove water from liquid waste, leaving behind solids and dissolved contaminants. However, the removal of water can concentrate contaminants and volatiles in the waste stream, which can pose certain challenges.

In particular, evaporators can concentrate volatile contaminants in the waste stream, which can create safety and environmental issues. Volatile contaminants can include organic compounds, acids, bases, and heavy metals, which can be hazardous if released into the environment or handled improperly.


evaporador vt-bc para la gestion de residuos



Exposure to volatile contaminants can have negative effects on human health, such as eye, skin, and respiratory tract irritation, as well as liver and kidney damage and long-term carcinogenic effects. Additionally, volatile contaminants can contribute to smog formation and climate change.

To address these issues, it is important to implement proper safety measures for handling concentrated liquid waste. This may include the installation of emission control equipment, training staff in the safe handling of waste, and the implementation of safety protocols for waste handling and transportation.

Furthermore, alternatives to the use of evaporators for treating liquid waste can be explored, such as mechanical separation or chemical oxidation. These techniques can reduce the concentration of volatile contaminants in the waste stream and minimize risks to health and the environment.



The ZEWATECH solution proposes absorption as an option for treating waste with volatile compounds. By adding a simple additional stage to evaporation, it becomes possible to treat a wider range of waste types.


The absorption of volatile contaminants can also improve the quality of the effluent obtained from the evaporator, as toxic and hazardous substances are removed.


Furthermore, the absorption of volatile compounds can enable companies to comply with local and national regulations on pollutant emissions, potentially avoiding fines and penalties.

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