Osmosis rejection



Reverse Osmosis is an essential technology in most industries as it enables the production of demineralized water for use in various industrial processes. However, there is a significant issue concerning the rejects that are generated, often overlooked.

Osmosis reject waters are characterized by:

  1. High salt concentration.
  2. Contaminants that have not been retained by the osmosis membranes.

    Typically, these waters are discharged into rivers, seas, or underground aquifers, which can pose environmental problems if not managed properly.

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    Reverse osmosis alone is not an efficient technology due to the rejects it generates; it needs to be enhanced with the assistance of complementary technology, such as what ZEWATECH offers.

    ZEWATECH vacuum evaporators significantly enhance the effectiveness of osmosis, reduce the reject produced, and increase the permeate percentage. Furthermore, they enable the recovery and reuse of both waste and water, thanks to their purity after proper treatment.



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