In the field of the galvanic industry, surface treatment activities result in the production of two main types of liquid effluents: effluents with high contaminant loads (small volumes) and effluents with diluted contaminant loads (large volumes).

Wastewater from the galvanic industry is characterized by:


  1. Soluble minerals such as bicarbonates, sulfates, nitrates, chlorides, and cyanides.
  2. Oils, foams, and greases.
  3. Dissolved gases such as CO2, H2S, NH3.
  4. Heavy metals like nickel.
  5. High conductivity.
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Due to their toxic characteristics, effluents produced by galvanic industry processes, primarily inorganic and primarily originating from the presence of heavy metals like nickel, are harmful to both humans and the environment.

As a solution to these problems, ZEWATECH offers alternatives for water treatment and the recovery of heavy metals where conventional treatments fail to eliminate them in their processes.

Thanks to vacuum evaporator technology, high-quality distillate is obtained, significantly reducing pollution, and it can be reintroduced into the production cycle.


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