The main advantage of vacuum evaporation over physicochemical and biological treatments is performance guarantee. Both physicochemical and biological treatments are highly sensitive to the conditions in which they occur, particularly temperature and pH. These conditions significantly affect the performance of the treatments and can even limit their effectiveness.

In contrast, industrial evaporators are adaptable to such variations, providing full guarantees for a wider range of waste materials.

Another advantage of vacuum evaporation over both treatments is the generation of waste. Physicochemical treatments can produce many toxic residues that require post-treatment, as some can be harmful to the environment or human health.

Regarding biological treatments, they can produce sludge that not only requires post-treatment but also complicates the biological treatment itself.

In contrast, vacuum evaporation not only generates the minimum possible waste but also further purifies the other components of the treated water, giving them added value for trade or, in the case of water, reuse in other processes.

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