One of the primary drivers of economic and technological development in a country is its metallurgical sector.

Various metal production processes (cooling, grease removal, descaling, and dust cleaning) involve the use of water, resulting in highly contaminating effluents that increase the company’s operational costs.

Wastewater from the metallurgical industry is characterized by:


  1. Metal powders and wet chips from water or solvent-based deburring, aqueous solutions (acidic, alkaline, with salts or additives), organic solvents (chlorinated or non-chlorinated), and wash waters.
  2. Hard-to-degrade toxic substances.
  3. Very acidic or very basic pH.
  4. Suspended solids, high conductivity, and hardness of process waters.
  5. Large amounts of salts in service waters.
  6. Oils, greases, salts, and metals in wastewater.

solution zewatech:

The wastewater from various processes in the metallurgical industry is typically not reused and is discarded, posing a serious environmental threat due to the toxic and corrosive qualities of the waste it contains.

Thanks to vacuum evaporator technology, ZEWATECH ensures efficient treatment of these waters, producing high-quality distillate that significantly reduces pollution and can be reintroduced into the production cycle.


esquema evaporador vt-bc para la gestion de residuos

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