100% Automated Processes with Minimal Personnel

Defining the vacuum evaporation process without referencing the ease of control provided by these systems and the highest quality they offer is not possible.

One of the most prominent benefits of processes conducted with vacuum evaporators is that they are entirely autonomous processes, thus requiring no on-site personnel, and they operate 24 hours a day without operators.

This characteristic directly impacts the economic cost of implementing these systems as well as their effectiveness.


Performance Guarantee

Ultimately, every industry strives for products that come close to perfection. With ZEWATECH equipment, the distilled water, unlike other technologies, possesses impeccable characteristics, and its properties are ideal for reuse after treatment, while waste is effectively managed once generated.

Furthermore, we employ the best available technologies to ensure and provide the best results. The formation of deposits is a decisive factor in reducing the efficiency of the vacuum distillation system. Electricity consumption increases, and achievable concentration decreases. The self-cleaning heat exchanger prevents the formation of these deposits from the outset.

Consequently, performing a mechanical self-cleaning of the system during its operation eliminates the need for shutdowns for cleaning and maintenance, avoiding both economic and time losses.


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