Treatments carried out in the aeronautical sector deal with processes arising from mechanical or surface operations.

To do this requires the use of considerable amounts of water and similarly, they generate very polluting tributaries, which must be treated inevitably, actively contributing to the operating costs of the companies that generate this waste.

The requirements for this sector as regards water involve the entire production cycle, but the most sensitive problems are undoubtedly linked to effluents such as:

  • Optimization of the management of the entire cycle of the used water.
  • Reduction of costs of use.
  • Prioritization of environmental protection

Vacuum evaporators are the solution for treating these types of problems.

They are able to remove all particles and characteristics of waste water as well as to obtain distilled water of quality and with physical-chemical properties within the limits of discharge.

This water can also be used in subsequent processes, inside and outside the same company, such as service water, cleaning water or process water, depending on the quality it has.

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