Zero waste and reutilization


Thanks to ZEWATECH technology we are able to reuse a very high percentage or even 100% of waste water from many ZLD industries  

Zero discharge or zero discharge corresponds to a process that has as a priority the recovery of water and the recovery or minimization of waste production

circular economy

This process is based on the use of techniques and processes that make possible the total re-use of waste water with a dual objective, the first being to reduce previously the consumption of mains water and the second, minimise the amount of waste to be managed externally after the event.

Among the benefits of this philosophy, we can highlight both economic savings, environmental impact and industrial activities where you cannot pour or there is not enough water for production.

The results of the processes originated in the Zewatech industry correspond to high quality distilled water from the treatment of effluents with industrial waste products.

This water is suitable, to be reused or simply as service water, but at all times account is taken of the savings this causes in the economic situation of the company going to ZEWATECH.

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