Zero waste and reutilization

What is Zero Discharge?


Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) systems are a combination of technologies that work together with the objective of minimising the wastewater from an industrial process as much as practically and economically possible, generally resulting in a concentrated solid waste and high quality clean water for reuse.

The Zero Waste philosophy aims to minimise the use of water as a natural resource in all human activity by reducing our environmental impact. This is possible through the application of technologies that enable recovery and reuse in order to transform our society into a circular economy.



Industrial processes require energy, raw materials and water. As a direct consequence of these processes, products, waste and wastewater are generated. The importance of limiting waste generation as much as possible is a self-evident and essential fact for companies, given its direct relationship to the environment, economic and energy costs and profit margins.

Zero Liquid Discharge systems optimise the process by recycling, recovering and reusing treated water for industrial purposes, thus achieving long-term profitability for the company and actively contributing to environmental sustainability.

The benefits of implementing a ZLD system in an industrial process are key:

  • High efficiency in minimising waste, even eliminating it completely from the wastewater, thus impacting on the sustainability of the company.
  • Reducing costs and environmental impact through the reuse of treated water in the Zero Discharge system.
  • Generate profits, taking into account that the resulting solids can often be sold or reused again in initial processes.


Evaporation is an economical and environmentally safe way to minimise wastewater. High-quality recycled water can be recovered for reuse and the resulting waste for further disposal at minimum cost.

Thanks to ZEWATECH ZLD systems a very high percentage of treated water reuse or even 100% reuse of wastewater from many industries can be achieved.

Vacuum evaportarors for waste water. 

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